All Digital School Picks Favourite Online Writing Tool

At the start of Covid’s lockdown of schools, a number of organisations sprang up to curate educational information and help students, educators, and parents make sense of the resources out there as 9 out of 10 students exited face-to-face classrooms. One of the best aggregators with trusted tools is All Digital School.



All Digital School is the Largest Community of Educators & Directory of Resources Online, with a team of editors and educators who review and comment on the tools listed therein. It offers a valuable resource for the busy educator–be it a homeschooling parent or a harried teacher–to find the right resources for their learning

ADS Editors' Pick Badge





The team at EssayJack was thrilled to get an email from the All Digital School leaders telling us: “Our editors review our listings regularly to choose apps that stand out in their category. And in our last review, we have picked EssayJack as one of our favourites in the Communication with Students, English, Poetry, Reading, Teacher Tools, and Writing category.”



It is such an honour to be recognised by those in the trenches using tools to teach writing. Online learning is tough. Online learning of core writing skills is extra tough since so much of writing skills emerge out of communication practices in classes. Without that, learning the appropriate forms, styles, and structures of various pieces of academic prose can be tough.



We’re glad to know that All Digital School believes (as we believe) that we can help teachers and students write their best selves!

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