Anxiety no more with EssayJack: TechTalk Interview with BFM 89.9

Enterprise-2018_01_25_ENT_TT_Anxiety_No_More_With_EssayJack_Dr_Lindy_Ledohowski_Dr_Rueban_Balasubramaniam_EssayJack.jpgOur happily married co-founders, Dr Lindy Ledohowski and Dr Rueban Balasubramaniam, recently sat down with Jeff Sandhu from BFM Radio for a captivating interview about EssayJack. After the interview Jeff said “it was definitely among my top 5 most memorable interviews in the 8 years of radio journalism.”

Everyone likes to hear entrepreneurial stories, what the journey is like, and how one goes from having an idea to bringing it to market. This podcast interview was lively, passionate, and funny. The interviewer and our two co-founders chatted and laughed together, and the time flew by. Listen to it for yourself and see if it holds your attention from start to finish!


ake a listen to the interview below! 

 You can download the podcast to listen to it on the go, or simply hit “play” and listen to it where you are. If you care about the state of education, or how someone goes from being a professor to being an EdTech CEO, or you are simply curious about EssayJack, you’re sure to enjoy hearing these soothing radio voices!




IMG_9463.jpgJeff Sandhu interviewing our CEO Dr Lindy Ledohowski and her co-founder, Dr Rueban Balasubramaniam.


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