Asia Tech Podcast: EssayJack & World Domination!

Our cofounders were recently in Singapore, and they were featured on the Asia Tech Podcast talking about not only EssayJack as an English for Academic Purposes solution that can help students and educators the world over when it comes to teaching and learning EAP, but also what it takes to start a business.

As a result of this podcast, we were nominated for a Best Startup in Asia Award!  You can vote for us here: Please take a moment and do so. Every vote matters.

Our cofounders are interesting, because they are both full-on academics. They’ve taught in schools and universities, and they really and truly care about writing, teaching, and student success, and they had some really interesting things to say.



They care about entrepreneurship and growing EssayJack as a business so that more and more students and teachers are able to benefit from it. You can watch the whole podcast on YouTube. It’s only about 45 minutes, so if you have the time, and want to learn what it takes to start up an EdTech business and get on your own entrepreneurial journey, have a watch (and listen).


Lots of people will try to sell you lots of things and get you excited about fads and trying to make things go viral. These folks will get you excited about thinking and learning…and the future is definitely bright in Asia!


Thanks Asia Tech Podcast for having our team LIVE in the studio, and good luck to all the short listed companies in the award category…don’t forget to vote for us!!!

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