Did You Know Students Who Use EssayJack See Their Grades Improve?

Q: What do students want when they are faced with a writing assignment?

A: To get the best grade possible and not feel stressed and/or stupid along the way.

Unfortunately, often the process of writing for school is laden with stress and anxiety, because students worry about their grades, worry that they’re not delivering what their educator expects, and worry that they’ll spend time working on a piece of writing, only to receive a poor grade on it and not really know why. Before we were educators, we were students. We know EXACTLY what this feeling is like, and so when we built EssayJack, we asked an important question: Can EssayJack improve students’ writing grades?

From the very earliest prototype that we brought to test with our first 200 hundred students, we asked them (and their teachers and professors) about grade improvement. Then with every test scenario, pilot class, early adopters, right up to this very day, we are always asking whether or not EssayJack improves grades. Want to know the answers?


2014 Prototype testing with Grade 8 students:

100% of the students showed improvement in their writing (as reported by the teacher who graded their assignments)

Here’s what she wrote: “Overall the quality of student writing improved. Essay Jack gave the students a framework and structure within which to write. The framework allowed ideas to flow more cohesively and the drop down menu ensured improvement in the use of transitions.”


2015 Beta testing with University Human Rights course students:

75% of the students show improvement in their writing when using EssayJack as compared to when not (as reported by their professor)

Here’s what the professor said: “Over a third of the students signed up for EssayJack accounts, and of these students who used EssayJack to prepare their written submissions, 75% improved their grades.”


2016 College-Level Pilot students*:

86% responded that “Yes,” EssayJack improved their grades.

Here’s what one of these students wrote: “It is really simple to use. In a way, it gives you lots of details which will build your essay in a professional manner.”


2017 Secondary-School Pilot students*

95% of the class averages showed up to a 10% improvement in grades after using EssayJack (as reported by their teachers)

96% of these students responded that EssayJack was helpful in writing essays!


We took feedback from over 2,000 students and educators at all levels from grade 7 to university to make EssayJack better. By the time we launched our new-and-improved platform in 2018, we were confident in our ability to help you get better grades on your writing assignments. All of this begs a question: How do we do it? 

There’s a long answer that involves a discussion about good teaching practice and methodology, but there’s also a short answer that just focuses on three key elements that allows EssayJack to help students get better grades:

  1. Sentence Starters: Each section in the EssayJack framework, no matter what type of writing you might be doing – anything from a lab report abstract to a narrative piece – will offer you a list of suggested sentence starters. You can plug these right in, or use them for inspiration for the type of sentence starter you need. It takes the guesswork out of getting going with your writing. Screen Shot 2018-11-07 at 2.33.46 PM
  2. Tips and Prompts: Each section in the EssayJack framework gives you specific hints and suggestions, most often including videos! So you don’t have to remember all the things that you might have learned about writing, while you’re busy focusing on writing. You can open or close the tips whenever you want.
  3. Demystifying Structure: Students often think that they are struggling with ideas or grammar, but teachers and professors know that they’re actually struggling with structure. EssayJack helps you to put the right ideas in the right place, so that whoever is marking your essay finds what they’re looking for in the place(s) they expect!

We can help make your writing easier, and we can help you get better grades on your writing assignments. What do you have to lose? Make full use of your free-trial to see and see what all the fuss is about!


 *Surveys performed by Nelson, our exclusive Canadian distribution partner since 2016.

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