#EJ2017Moments Round up: HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Most of our team has spent years and years in school, either as students or as educators. Our two co-founders have 7 university degrees between them, and they’ve taught every grade all the way up to the PhD level! What that means is that we know how tiring an academic year can be and how great it is to have holiday time around the turn of the new year.

So as we celebrate the end of one year and the start of a new one, here are our top ten moments from 2017 as counted down under the #EJ2017moments hashtag:


10. We officially kicked-off the first year of our partnership with Nelson in Canada! During the 2017 calendar school year, Nelson will have brought on 10,000 new EssayJack educator and student users across schools, colleges, and universities! Nelson’s CEO, Steve Brown says: “Our partnership with EssayJack exemplifies our commitment to delivering innovative, digital solutions that empower students with the tools they need to excel along their educational journey.” As we look forward to 2018, he writes to our team, saying: “EssayJack is now the clear market leader for digital English products in Higher Education, winning business over large global competitors who have been entrenched in the marketplace for over a decade.” We are proud of the success of this partnership this year!


9. EssayJack was named as a LondonBookFair International Awards finalist in the Educational Learning Resources Award category! Read more here! Below is a picture we like to call “Ladies of London”. To the left, our mentor, advisor, blogger and friend, Dr. Gillian Bartlett, in the middle, our Operations Manager, Elly Woods, and to the right, our very own CEO & co-founder, Dr. Lindy Ledohowski. These lovely ladies attended the awards ceremony in London and may have also taken in a few sights and fun nights along the way! #womeninbusiness all the way!

Ladies of London-1.jpg

8. EssayJack partners with the Telfer uOttawa Executive MBA team to launch EssayJack in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia! To read more about this journey, click here. In January 2017, our team worked with a 6-person team of executive MBA candidates from one of the world’s best executive MBA programs. This dedicated team worked with us week in, week out, until the end of April to pull together market research and a go-to-market strategy for Malaysia. It culiminated with a trip from Canada to Malaysia to test the waters and see whether EssayJack is a good fit for Asia. The verdict? IT IS! Our executive team began their concerted launch in Asia throughout the latter half of 2017 using Malaysia as a “hub” to access Asia. Talk about a good news story!


7. EssayJack is highlighted in an Ottawa Business Journal (OBJ) article titled “Ottawa startup EssayJack on write path to success”. Read the full article hereBy the end of 2017, EssayJack was highlighted in a New Straits Times (NST) article. Read that full article hereStarting and ending the 2017 calendar year with important earned media in both Canada and Malaysia is exciting as we spread English-language learning through our essay writing software to the whole world!

EJ OBJ 2017 .jpgIMG_9251.jpg   

6. We launched the NEW EssayJack website with our design partners Digital Natives Creative Inc. Read about all the details here. In July, we switched over from our old marketing pages to our new website. This new design gave a preview of the style and design informing the new look-and-feel for the EssayJack essay writing platform. The feedback from you on the new website has been amazing. We appreciate each and every one of you who took the time to send us a message via email or social media to tell us what you think!

Screen Shot 2017-12-17 at 8.00.50 AM-905618-edited.png

5. Our CEO & Co-Founder re-located to Malaysia in order to bring EssayJack to the Asian Market! The first big conference they attended to introduce EssayJack to thousands of educators and students was the Hong Kong Book Fair! Our new website was ready just in time for the Hong Kong book fair, where we talked to some of the 1.2 million visitors. As a business owner, I rarely get a chance to talk to that many students, parents, and teachers all at once! It was an honour and pleasure to get to meet and chat with everyone, and we learned loud and clear what our customers and clients in Asia are looking for in their English essay help tools, so thank you!


4. EssayJack was named as a 2017 Edvocate Awards Finalist for Best Higher Education Solution! More info about these prestigious awards here. We have been so lucky to be finalists for a number of education and business awards, and this one is a really special one for us. With a small team focused on producing the best essay writing software that we can, we don’t always pay attention to applying for grants or awards, and so knowing that the industry recognizes what we’re doing and the excellence of our product is very exciting! 

Social Media - Edvocate Finalist.png

3. EssayJack launches Part 1 of our NEW app redesign allowing users to toggle between the old and new interface. Additionally, EssayJack starts offering FREE TRIALS! If you have yet to try EssayJack, do so today! We launched EssayJack in beta in 2015, and with feedback from thousands of educators and students (not to mention some first-class design insights), we have improved the navigation, features, look-and-feel, and functionality of the EssayJack platform. We’ve been rolling it out progressively this last term of 2017, but starting in 2018, everyone will be able to see, test, and use the new-and-improved EssayJack! 

EJ Old vs. New 2017-2018.png

2. Our CEO & Co-Founder attended BETT Asia and what a successful conference it was! Over 60 schools, colleges, and universities in 9 different countries signed up for trials of EssayJack! Learn more about EssayJack’s participation in the event here. BETT Asia in Kuala Lumpur was a fantastic conference this year, and our executive team was on hand to talk to educators, decision-makers, teachers, students, professors, partners, and the media. As 2017 comes to its close, we’ve been able to get expand how many educators and students EssayJack is able to help thanks to getting so many people all in one place to see what the fuss is about!


1. We’re launching our NEW look & feel for the EssayJack app! New interface, new features, but the same great essay writing platform! More to come over the next few weeks so be sure to check back here for more info! While everyone else will have some down time over the holidays, our tech and quality assurance teams will be working overtime to make sure that the roll out of all the new features and functions into the first part of 2018 is smooth. Who knows what 2018 will have in store for us or for you? What we do know is that we’ve listened to the feedback from thousands of students and educators, as well as the input from expert engineers and designers to make the newest version of EssayJack the best yet. It is smooth and easy to use, and it has all the same great functionality as before with a few new features added in.



Those are some of our top moments from 2017. What are your top moments? What will you remember from this year? What are you looking forward to the most about 2018? Why not try EssayJack and try writing an essay about that!

If you haven’t tried EssayJack yet, what are you waiting for? We have free trials so that you can get writing today!

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