Essay Due Soon? You Don’t Need Essay Mills, You Need EssayJack

It’s natural to want to do a Google or YouTube search on ‘how to write a good essay’ or ‘top five tips for writing an essay quickly’ or something similar. You may come across some legitimate advice from qualified professionals and some where the advice seems legitimate until you reach that last line where it says “Oh, and if you’re super overwhelmed, don’t worry you can get some good quality essays guaranteed to get you the grade you want if you click here”. The latter may lead you down the rabbit hole of what’s popularly known as “contract cheating” or basically paying someone else to write your essay for you.


They say they are “100% plagiarism free,” but that’s a lie. Anytime someone writes something for you that is not your own work, it is plagiarism. You can get kicked out of university for such an academic offense (and in our mind, the worse problem is that you won’t actually learn anything, and when you get out into the working world, you can’t pay someone to do your job for you!).


To be on the safe side, we recommend you use teaching and learning tools that are endorsed or reviewed by educators or notable institutions to help you through the stress of writing assignments. In fact, EssayJack has been described as the most comprehensive writing tool by Cambridge English (which is no easy feat), is being piloted by British Council globally, and has won many other awards and accolades. What I’m trying to say is that EssayJack is the real deal.


Learning Tool vs. Cheating Tool

EssayJack is a learning tool. You might see EssayJack offered at writing centres on campus or in classes because it was designed for students by professors (link it to this blog piece) who have experienced the stresses of writing (try getting a PhD in Law and English!) and who have also had students in their courses struggle with writing assignments in their classes. An intimidating behemoth of an essay is pre-structured and broken down into sections and subsection for you with guiding tips, prompts, and focus questions – so you are not working with a blank page. It even has a list of sentence starters which, when stuck and stressed, can really help out a writer!


EssayJack is an amalgamation of pedagogical techniques such as chunking (breaking down an essay into manageable parts), scaffolding (building as essay up bit-by-bit using these chunks), and inquiry-based learning (eliciting from you, the author, the information needed for the essay).


An essay writing service or essay mill is simply a cheating tool.


An Original You or a Counterfeit?

While it may not seem like it right now, with the stress piling up (and you reading this blog post, potentially using it as an excuse to put off starting your essay), the more you write the better you will get. You never know when you will get into the ‘flow’ of things and create a masterpiece of your own. Granted it may not be a coveted best-seller but knowing it might be some of the best work you have produced has its own kind of satisfaction, one that you rob yourself of if you pay a stranger to do it for you. 


You’ve read books, articles, blog posts, journals, and dare I say maybe even a textbook or two, and you’ve formulated your own idea or two around the assignment question. Now, you just need to give them life by pulling them together in a cohesive piece of writing. Here’s where EssayJack comes in to help you in the process of structuring your own original work. Where does a thesis statement go, how to I segue into my first point, do I have to link back to all my points in my conclusion? EssayJack answers these questions for you as it guides you through the writing process.


Take ownership of your assignment, ideas and your education. Be an original you, don’t be a counterfeit.


In Your Control vs. Out of Your Control

There have been cases where students have paid for essays which failed to get them the grade they wanted. Tough luck or just plain bad decision-making? Well, I’d say it was the latter. Why would you risk trusting things that matter to you to a complete stranger who may or may not have any knowledge of the topic you are writing about or understand your style of writing (quickest way to get caught is when educators recognise the writing is clearly not yours, so good luck with the follow-up conversation there!). In the world outside of educational institutions the so-called real world, when you have a job, will you continue paying writing services to write client reports, and creating slide decks and business pitches for you? Of course not! Yes, people say things are out of your control in the best of times but to actively relinquish control over something you could possibly influence? Why be so mad?


Everyone’s ability to write good coherent and clear essays really differs. What doesn’t differ is the opportunity to learn, improve, master writing and the writing process. There’s a saying that “every master was once a disaster”, I definitely take some solace in that saying because as you may have noticed, I am not a master writer (just yet). So, take your next essay assignment as an opportunity to get better at the art of writing, you may not have ambitions to be a best-selling novelist or award-winning professor, but let them share with you how to improve your essay writing skills move your from introduction to conclusion at a much faster pace, and to reduce stress about your current assignments but also future writing assignments!  


So choose something in your locus of control, rather than going for something that is unethical and, for the most part, out of your control.


By using essay mills and writing services, you lose your integrity, you lose a chance to improve your own skills, and you lose control. You don’t need essay mills, you need EssayJack.

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