Find Out Why 81% of Students Find EssayJack ‘helpful’!!!

EssayJack is an educational company where lifelong learning is part of everything we do. We are big nerds at heart, and we want to help students become better at what they do. And, do you know what? It seems like you think that we’re delivering on that promise to be “helpful.” How do we know? You told us!


Throughout EssayJack’s development, every time we built a feature or thought about an idea that might work for students, we went to students like you to see what they thought, so that we’d build the best essay writing software on the planet, walking you through your writing assignments one step at a time, helping you to write better and feel better about your writing.


For one of these tests, we asked students to tell us how they felt about using EssayJack. We didn’t give them a survey. We didn’t give them any multiple choice. We just had a blank question page and asked for their thoughts.



EJ-M01-Graph-Student Words@2x

The most commonly repeated word in the responses was “helpful”. It was repeated on a whopping 81% of the feedback forms!


So what does that mean? It means that for the large majority of students who were asked to provide feedback on their experience of EssayJack used the word “helpful” even without being prompted. That means that our goal of being able to help students to write better and get better grades actually works. It also means that students like you don’t need to default to trying to just buy an essay online and end up being guilty of fraud and plagiarism. Rather, you can produce your own, original work, with our help and guidance at every step of the way.


So what are you waiting for? Don’t we all need a little bit of help every now and then? Sign up for an EssayJack trial today!



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