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On March 11, 2020 the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the CoVid-19 virus a global pandemic. At EssayJack all our teams have followed along with the WHO’s updates and guidance throughout and have gone 100% remote since. We hope our actions encourage others to do the same so we can keep the impact of this outbreak to a minimum. Here’s what we’re doing to support all learning communities through this uncertain period.

“The learning will take care of itself.” – Dr. Lindy Ledohowski


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For partners, clients, online learners (students, parents, educators)

For our partners and clients we are offering video conferencing rather than face-to-face meetings, workshops, or demos. If you have something scheduled with any one of our teams and haven’t yet heard to have it rescheduled to video-conferencing you can reach out to us at hello@essayjack.com and we’ll make sure arrangements are made to move it virtual. 

For our community of online learners including students, parents, and educators we are developing resources for teaching and learning online just in case you’re unfamiliar with such pedagogies.


For everyone who needs writing support we have extended our free trial for the EssayJack web platform so that secondary and post secondary learners and educators (or their parents!) can easily sign in or sign up and write English-language academic texts with our patented and award-winning structural support.


How can you make the most of what we have to offer?

We’ve been in the online learning space for over four years now (going on five!), so if things are new or weird or scary to you as you find yourself transitioning to online pedagogies or learning writing skills without face-to-face instruction, we are here to help. So get all our free resources via the links below or reach out to us via hello@essayjack.com

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Most importantly, stay safe and healthy!

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