How EssayJack Breaks Down Your Essay Into Bite Sized Pieces

In today’s world we use apps for everything. I’m sure you’ve floated an idea to a friend who replied with, “There’s an app for that.” If you’re a novice runner, preparing for a marathon, well, that’s right: there’s an app to help you train.


Okay, what if you’re in school or transitioning into college or university, you’re likely to be grappling with the conventions of English essay writing, what if there was an app to help you with that too? Yes, you guessed it: there’s an app for that: EssayJack. It’s a web-based app that guides you through your essay, just like a running app would guide you through the process of training for a marathon.


Getting Started

Once, you’ve finished your brainstorming, research, lab experiment, or reading up on a topic, you’re probably rearing to get started with the actual writing part of the process. Ah, but where do you start? You can use EssayJack as a tool to understand the structure of most common written assignments better. This way you know what parts the written assignment has, how many points you need for an essay of a certain length, where your (hypo)thesis goes, what information you will need for each point, and how the points should connect. So essentially, this is your training plan for your marathon, and all you have to do is now make sure you hold up your side of the bargain and put in the effort. The same idea is applied to this app. Follow the flow of an EssayJack template: fill in the blanks with your ideas supported by the evidence you’ve gathered on the topic.


The most intimidating part of any process is the start, you can plan everything but when it comes to actually beginning the main task, it gets increasingly painful the more you think about it. EssayJack tries to put a stop to that by stimulating your thought process through the use of focus questions. For example, if you’re writing your introduction, the focus questions may be something like, “What have you been asked to write about?” or “Is there any background information a reader might need to know about this topic?”  Sounds simple, doesn’t it? But when you’re in the throes of writing an essay it’s just the right nudge you need to move forward. Much like the  encouraging notification your running app might send you just as you’re thinking of skipping out on tomorrow’s run.



Screen Shot 2018-11-07 at 3.08.19 PM

If you’ve used EssayJack, you’ll notice that each section is broken down even further into sub-sections. For example, the introduction is broken down into three parts: the topic, the background and the thesis statement. Why? Because just like running a marathon, you don’t go from never running to running a full marathon the next day. You incrementally build up the techniques and endurance needed to complete the 26.2 mile run. EssayJack, is no different,  it helps you build up your essay sentence by sentence into paragraphs, sections, and then a full essay and first draft of your written assignment!


Every time you complete a training session, your running app may give you a summary of your run with a map of your route. This is similar to EssayJack’s “Sneak Peek” feature. Once you’ve filled in the text boxes for the sub-sections of a larger section like the introduction, the “Sneak Peek” feature allows you take a peek at how your section is coming together. Just by filling in each text box and answering the focus questions you’ll see that you’ve created an introductory paragraph! There’s nothing more motivating than seeing the progress you’ve made on your essay by following some simple steps!


Most experienced runners most probably don’t use a training app. Why? Because they’ve internalised what they need to know about running long distances, they know what pace they should go at, when to take a break, how to navigate a flat run or one filled will slopes. That’s the aim of the EssayJack experience, we want students to use the app as much as they can to practice essay writing and to internalise the conventions of academic writing until you realise you don’t need this “training app” anymore. At which point we will know that we’ve done our job!


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