International Women’s Day #IWD2018

Happy International Women’s Day!

International Women’s Day (March 8) is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women (ref. here). Over the last few years at EssayJack, we’ve been lucky enough to have worked alongside some very inspirational women and want to take a moment to recognize these STRONG ladies for all that they do!

  • International Women's DayHow can we not start by recognizing our very own CEO & co-founder, Dr Lindy Ledohowski. An award-winning academic, educator, and entrepreneur, Lindy was both a high school teacher and tenure-track university professor prior to co-founding EssayJack Inc and becoming its inaugural CEO. 
  • EssayJack’s very first staff member who joined the team in 2016 is a smart young woman who will forever be part of the EssayJack story as our first subscriber and then first staff member.
  • Our Operations Manager began her career at IBM and then Hewlett Packard before joining our burgeoning start up. She worked closely with our CEO even before the EssayJack prototype was complete.
  • Our very first investor who deposited the money in our corporate bank account before we even had the legal paperwork for her to sign is a female educator with years of teaching experience under her belt. She was able to come to the very first grade 11 class when EssayJack – in its earliest prototype form – was first shown in a class setting.
  • Various other members of the EssayJack team who have come and gone – from mentors, to bankers, to accountants, to PR contractors, to designers, to lawyers – are women, as are many of the educators and administrators we work with. 

Throughout our two-and-a-half-year journey, our team has had diversity and equity as one of our core, founding principles, and we really try to put into practice our belief that the more diverse the voices around the table, the better it is for everyone.

So on this International Women’s Day as we salute the strong women and girls out there making a difference in big and small ways. How will you celebrate this important day?


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