Omer Khan’s SAAS Podcast & EssayJack

Recently our CEO sat down with famed podcast host Omer Khan to talk about growing EssayJack Inc. reasonably, responsibly, and organically. Our leaders’ philosophy has always been to create something of real value for English language learners and educators. Critical thinking and writing is core to their philosophies, and they believe that if the world was equipped with the skills that they want to teach, then we would all be the better for it for being able to critically engage and analyse the world around us. Often, though, in tech start up worlds, there is great pressure to grow fast and furiously on the back of big investment from strangers whose philosophies might be very different. So what did our founders do?

They made sure to take a lot of the risk of building the EssayJack platform onto their own shoulders first. They built and tested, built and tested, and built and tested some more. They’ve worked with some of the best schools, colleges, and universities in the world, and they’ve partnered with some of the most credible educational organisations in the world. They paid for things through revenues and their life savings. 

Lindy-Ledohowski-EssayJack-Omer Khan Podcast

They took the risk. They worked for free. They poured their expertise and passion into EssayJack.

And if you want to start a business, you can too.

Dr. Lindy Ledohowski sat down with Omer Khan to give him all the juicy details of what the journey has been like. So if you’ve ever wondered about what it takes to start up a company on your own, especially if you’re not a tech person, or if you’re simply curious about what it takes, this totally true interview gives you lots of food for thought! Click to download. 

So sit back, relax, put your ear buds in, and have a listen to a lively conversation about starting an EdTech business when you know absolutely nothing about the “tech” part!

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