Putting off Procrastination For Good

Written assignments, whether as part of coursework, or homework, or take-home exams, all firmly sit in the category of essays. What kind of essay, of course, depends on the assignment and subject. Whether you have one assignment due tomorrow or five essays due in two weeks time, what you want to do immediately, is get straight in to it. Getting started is probably one of the most difficult tasks to overcome when kicking the habit of procrastination. With EssayJack, getting started becomes easy with various tips, prompts, and focus questions strategically placed throughout the essay templates. You’ll find with this kind of support, you could have a rough introduction completed in 15 minutes. Voila – you have started!


Once you’ve got started the rest will come together with much less frustration and anxiety.  There are two routes a great start can take you down, one: momentum, or two: the Zeigarnik effect.



Creating Momentum

Just as EssayJack provided the features and functions you need to get you started quickly, so it will help you gain the momentum needed to get through a piece of writing quicker. Since each section of the essay is broken down into its component parts, once you completed the introduction literally by filling in one or two sentences in each of the boxes provided for this first paragraph, and seen how it all comes together via the “Sneak Peek” function, you’ll be tempted to continue filling in more sub-sections in the main body and continue going. This produces momentum in your writing which keeps you going and answering the focus questions using the tips and prompts to navigate through as you build your essay sentence by sentence and snowball your way to the conclusion. Tada! Your first draft is ready.


Leveraging the Zeigarnik Effect

If your goal was not to complete the essay in a single sitting, you had to move on and spend time on another assignment, or you needed a break, then what? Well, at the least what you may have done by starting on the introduction of your essay is put into motion the Zeigarnik effect. What’s that? It’s an effect known in Psychology as the “tendency to remember interrupted or incomplete tasks or events more easily than tasks that have been completed.”The reason behind this is that the task which is pending tends to cause some cognitive tension as the mind is forced to think about it, remember it, and keep it in view (KIV) so to speak. What naturally happens, is that your mind begins focusing on how to get the task complete in order to relieve this tension. With EssayJack, built in artificial intelligence gets you to focus and hone in straight away on the topic you were working on, and this time complete your draft!


Now, you can take your time to get feedback from EssayJack, a peer, or your educator, edit, refine, and hand it in on time!


You can start putting off procrastination for good with EssayJack, or stick to doing what you are doing and lose out on that opportunity to get writing faster, get through your essay easier, and reduce a whole load of stress for yourself.


Your choice.

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