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Learning how to write well matters to us. Our primary focus at EssayJack is using technology to teach academic essay structure through scaffolding and chunking.


But once students have written an essay draft with a logical flow, what’s next?


A review of the content is needed. This is where ProWritingAid can help students take their writing to the next level, correcting common technical errors.


We’ve tested ProWritingAid out for you, and we’re happy to share our thoughts.

  1. What is ProWritingAid and how does it work?
  2. Simple to use
  3. More than just a grammar-checker
  4. Using it to improve academic writing
  5. Benefits for teaching and learning writing
  6. EssayJack and ProWritingAid


overall readability of essays through corrections and suggestions.


It’s also convenient to use with various integrations and versions allowing you to use it with most writing platforms. Download it to use it on a computer (Premium only), use the plug-in version for Microsoft Word (Premium only), use the web-browser extension, or just log in to the web-app to write, upload (almost any file format), or copy and paste (no loss of formatting!) any piece of writing for a review.


It’s not just for essays or students. If you’re a novelist or a blogger, then ProWritingAid might just be your new best friend.


quiz, giving the writer a number of ways to understand what went wrong, how to correct it, and reinforcing the learning process through an activity, where possible.


Example of ProWritingAid explanation for edits



For a student writer looking to improve their essay grades, these additional learning tools can definitely be very useful. Especially, if they are learning writing remotely or just require extra support refining their content outside of classroom hours with essay assignments. (This reality is our current new-normal with Covid; if you cannot necessarily get into your Writing Centre or chat with your teacher one-on-one, these tools can really help.)


over 20 reports they provide, we’ve isolated reports that we think would be most useful for students writing high school or university level essays:

    1. Grammar
    2. Sentence Length
    3. Transitions
    4. Homonym
    5. Readability
    6. Overused

The Plagiarism Report would also serve student writers well, but this requires additional payment or the user to have a Premium Plus plan.

readability score


EssayJack's automated review feature


With EssayJack’s proven ability to provide and teach students the proper structure for academic writing and ProWritingAid’s ability to provide feedback on content student writers will never have to suffer and stress about essay writing. They’ll quickly become confident writers ready to take on the world.


EssayJack automated review feature in action powered by ProWritingAid


The two together provide and end-to-end writing experience:

    1. Open up EssayJack and choose a template to begin drafting your essay;
    2. Start writing following the tips and prompts in each EssayJack “chunk”;
    3. Use the Automated Review function with ProWritingAid to get initial feedback;
    4. Revise;
    5. Get more feedback;
    6. Export to your favourite word processing software and submit it;
    7. Sit back and relax.



  • Writing can be hard. But it doesn’t have to be.


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