Teaching Writing in Hybrid Classrooms

Remote learning, online learning, hybrid teaching. When it was thrust upon teachers, students, and parents in early 2020, it seemed like a temporary fix, but as time goes on it becomes clear that much of this reliance on technologies to allow for remote teaching and learning is here to stay.


As more and more schools begin to reopen or go through rolling lockdowns, more educators are contending with some version of hybrid learning. Some students are in class. Some students are at home. In many jurisdictions, some version of teaching that combines face-to-face teaching with online learning modules seems to be here to stay.


And teaching writing in these conditions is far from ideal. We believe this is why we’ve seen a lot of interest from dedicated high school educators and college-level composition instructors who are looking for solutions for themselves and their students that can help teach writing online.


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EssayJack vs. Google Docs/Slides

Start teaching writing quickly

Progressive templating for hybrid teaching

Easy formative feedback for learning

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