What does “For Students, By Professors” Mean?

EssayJack is an online platform that helps students with English for Academic Purposes writing, and our website proudly claims that ours is a company For Students, By Professors, but what does that really mean and why should you care?


It means a few things:

  1. That EssayJack was literally created by two professors.
  2. That EssayJack is built on sound pedagogical principles.
  3. That EssayJack is created FOR students.

Why does this matter at all? Well, first, it matters because EssayJack grew out of the desire to be able to help students and educators just like our co-founders. Rather than have a techie or salesperson come up with the idea, the idea of EssayJack came out of years and years of expert work in education. Our co-founders know what they’re talking about. But more important than that is that they care about education. While it’s nice and impressive that they have a good education and experience behind them, what is more important to note is the fact that out of all the things that they could have chosen to do in life, they chose to be educators, which means that they truly care about students and student learning. This belief, that through education the world can be a better place, is at the core of the platform they built.



EssayJack was is built on sound pedagogical principles

What does this even mean? Put simply it means that a lot of educational research and work on how students learn best has gone into informing the platform. While there’s a lot that we could go into, three examples that are easy to see are: chunking, scaffolding, and focus questions.


Chunking simply breaks a piece of text or language into a coherent unit, rather than either looking at the whole element or simple word-by-word aspects. This “chunking” allows for a focus on something short and specific that increases mastery.


Scaffolding in education refers to the process of building one element of knowledge upon another, increasing student proficiency and confidence along the way. This way, students don’t have to start climbing an overwhelming mountain, but get scaffolded up the mountain, and before they know it, they are at the top!

Focus Questions 

Focus questions or interrogative methodology or even Socratic methodology is common to educational frameworks where questions are used to guide students through an inquiry-based approach, where they get to construct the knowledge themselves. This way, students answer questions and internalise their answers rather than merely receive answers and information from an educator.



EssayJack is created FOR students

Basically, the people who designed the platform know exactly what educators are looking for. They have demystified things for students. Students are always at the core of what we do…you are our number one priority! We want to make your life better!

Whether students sign up and use EssayJack on their own, or whether educators use EssayJack in class as part of a commitment to blended learning and integrating EdTech into good teaching practice, the value remains the same: for students, by professors! 


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