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Social Media - Women in IT-080780-edited.png2017 was a big year for EssayJack. Not only did we begin the rebuild of the EssayJack platform based on feedback from thousands of educator and student users, but we also launched our free trial and moved our executive team to Asia to oversee expansion on that side of the globe.

With all of this work under our belt behind the scenes, our CEO has worked tirelessly, overseeing various teams and projects, rolling up her sleeves for tasks both big and small, covering up for people on their leaves and holidays, and generally doing it all with a smile on her face.

Like most good leaders, she doesn’t ask for praise (or get much of it), but we are proud that a global body of IT experts have noted her leadership and found it worthy.

As 2018 gets started it is as important as ever to see women and girls supported, mentored, and listened to as they take on increasing leadership roles. Our CEO, Dr. Lindy Ledohowski is deserving of recognition, and we are happy to see that Women in IT Awards recognize women in fields that have long been male dominated.

She has written about what being named a finalist for this award means to her in the context of women supporting other women, something that she has long believed in. She wears her feminism proudly. 

What are the Women in IT Awards? 

The Women in IT Awards are dedicated to reconising innovation achieved by women in the industry. Their website describes it as: “the world’s largest event dedicated to tackling the technology industry’s disheartening gender imbalance.”

These awards work to overcome this “imbalance by “showcasing the achievements and innovation of women in technology, identifying new role models and promoting further dialogue around diversity among industry influencers.”

There are 19 different award categories recognising the contributions women in technology fields make, and our CEO is a finalist in the “Global Leader of the Year” category.


A woman in a global technology and/or digital leadership position who has demonstrated outstanding leadership, innovation and business success in the last 18 months.

Judges will examine contribution to the progress/growth of the company, innovation, and specific achievements and initiatives of the candidate.


 The gala awards ceremonies are being held in London, UK on January 31 and in New York, US on March 22. You can follow along with @womeninITawards and #womeninITawards to congratulate all the candidates and winners as we do the same!

Who is EssayJack’s CEO?

Dr. Lindy Ledohowski is an award-winning educator and entrepreneur from Canada; she sits on the Board of Trustees for the Canadian Museum for Human Rights and is a member of the Institute of Corporate Directors. She was both a high school teacher and university professor before co-founding EssayJack as its inaugural CEO. Connect with her on Instagram or Twitter @DoctorLindy or on her more professional LinkedIn page.


Join us in congratulating our #bosslady, other #womeninbusiness and #femalentrepreneurs like her, and all the other short-listed Women in IT Award finalists!

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