Writing an essay introduction quickly

Ever watched a movie trailer and thought: “I can’t wait to see that movie!”? More importantly, have you ever watched a movie trailer and know that you’ll never watch that movie?


Movie trailers have a short window to grab your attention and make you want to watch more. The introduction to any essays that you write for school are just the same. You have a sentence or two to hook your reader into reading more. So how do you write a good introduction? Here’s how and a quick activity to go with it!



Think of it like an upside-down triangle…yep, that’s right! Just like the one below. You start off really broad with an essay topic, then you narrow that down to focus on what exactly under the topic you will be trying to prove. 


Image for Middle School #1 Blog on Writing Introductory Paragraphs (1)


How about this…why don’t you write an introductory paragraph to answer this essay question (since you’ve probably experienced remote learning during the pandemic): “Is learning at home good or bad?”


You can choose your view, write your introductory paragraph, and then test out the idea on your parents or teachers. Email or text them the completed version. Do they agree or disagree with you? Are they interested to know more? Do they want you to convince them? 


Fill in these boxes to get started and when you hit submit, if you filled in your email address you can opt to receive your responses via email. Otherwise, you can just use the form to practice drafting your introduction as many times as you want!



Now that you’ve got the start of an introductory paragraph done, you can think about the reasons you might want to use to show why your opinion about why learning at home is good, bad, or both.


And if you’re curious, you can sign into EssayJack and use our platform to fill out the introduction again, and more and more sections to finish the essay and prove to someone why your opinion is correct. The EssayJack platform works just like the boxes you filled up just now (but better of course!) – it guides you through every section almost sentence by sentence with tips, guidance, questions to answer, and a list of sentence starters to help you build your essay bit-by-bit from introduction to conclusion.  


You can choose any smart writing template and get straight into writing your introduction. 

Practice Writing With EssayJack!


Five paragraph essay template in EssayJack



P.S. Students who have used EssayJack to write their essays say that it helps reduce their writing stress, helps them improve grades, and teaches them how to write quickly and concisely!


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