How Can an NHS Essay Example Help You?

The history of the NHS essay example is of great importance to the history of British class relations and their ongoing struggles with the colonisation of NHS hospitals. The history is important because it shows how and why class relations have always been so fragile and important to the functioning of the NHS as a progressive institution. This is especially true in today’s turbulent climate where cuts to services and pressure from Whitehall cuts have left many hospitals struggling and the NHS unable to provide for as many people as it did before the downturn began.

The NHS essay examples in my department demonstrate this period’s struggle as they show the evolution of how attitudes towards race and class changed dramatically over a relatively short period of time. The first decade after the war saw huge changes in attitudes towards disability and healthcare in general, but these were tempered by further improvements in education. These were then followed by the trauma of the Second World War and the rationing of resources, which resulted in millions of people dying and many more becoming homeless. It was during this time that the debate about healthcare reform heated up, which has had profound consequences for the nursing profession ever since.

During this period many doctors and nurses were worried about being seen as ‘class enemies’ by patients who felt that they were responsible for their own health. This then led to the establishment of nursing and health institutions for the elderly such as St. John’s Hospitals in London and Westend Healthcare in Manchester. Both these organisations worked towards transforming attitudes and practices so that they could better help those who needed care and support. They established dedicated units for disabled people with learning disabilities and set up integrated care teams that would bring together health professionals from different backgrounds. As part of this work the NHS essay examples in my department illustrate how nurses and doctors could work together in a spirit of teamwork, ensuring the safety and happiness of everyone that comes through their doors.

The need for this type of workforce is obvious today. With an aging population, more people are suffering from long-term illnesses and disabilities. A shortage of nurses and doctors means that the health service is also under pressure to increase its resources. One way that this can be done is through recruiting from a pool of existing professionals who already have a solid background in nursing and healthcare. An NHS essay example would present a range of ways in which you can choose to recruit from this pool of already qualified people in order to maximise your recruitment opportunities.

The most common reasons for choosing an NHS essay example are those that present good opportunities for both nurses and doctors. Good essays will demonstrate how the two professions can work together harmoniously by showing how each side can benefit from the other. This may sound like common sense – after all, the two professions are both involved in providing healthcare for others – but many potential candidates are unaware of how this can be achieved. As the shortage of nurses rises, more doctors are required to fill vacancies. Having a good number of RNs and doctors on hand will ensure that the whole healthcare organisation can operate more smoothly.

In addition to showing how the two professions can work together harmoniously, good essays will look at how the two traits can help each other. These should highlight the key differences between the two professions, highlighting how they differ from one another. This can be illustrated through a discussion on professionalism, for instance, or perhaps an analysis on the nature of healthcare and leadership. NHS essays must tackle these types of topics in detail in order to demonstrate just how useful the two professions can be for each other. These types of essays are also written by healthcare students, so it is clear to see that they understand the need for such topics.