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Persuasive Essay Outline

persuasive essay outline

The Essence of Persuasive Essays

To gain a clear understanding of the outline of persuasive essays, it is necessary to begin with an exploration of the essence of this type of essay. Basically, as the name indicates, persuasive essays provide students with opportunities to convince their audience to support their perspective or argument. For example, a student could write a persuasive essay in which they argue for the expansion of the Affordable Care Act. The student should present compelling reasons to support the claims that they present in the essay.

It is necessary to consider how persuasive essays relate to other types of writing. Argumentative essays are among those that can help to shed further light on persuasive essays. As is the case with persuasive essays, argumentative essays are also intended to convince the audience. However, the main difference lies in the fact that persuasive essays combine both logic, facts, and emotional appeal to win the support of the audience. On the other hand, in argumentative essays, students rely mostly on verifiable facts and evidence. 

Persuasive essays are hugely important. The most important role that they play is helping students to develop a range of essential skills. These skills include critical thinking and research. For example, in order to prove a point, a student would need to consult research literature and engage in high level critical thinking. However, for these skills to become evident, students should know how to include all the important outline elements in their persuasive essays. 

Outline of Persuasive Essay 

While this guide is important, it should not override the specific instructions that students are required to comply with. Therefore, before starting to write a persuasive essay, students should carefully read the accompanying instructions and ensure that they understand them fully and clearly. Below are some of the components of the outlines of persuasive essays.


Naturally, all persuasive essays begin with an introduction. Students should recognize that as they write the introduction, they should seek to gain the attention of their reader. Furthermore, it is essential for students to use the introduction to establish the goals that they wish to accomplish and the purpose of their persuasive essays. Some of the key elements that constitute impactful introductions are highlighted below.


As the name indicates, the hook is how the reader obtains the attention of their reader. For the best results, students should craft a hook that stimulates or shocks the readers. For instance, a student could provide a statistic that highlights the importance of the issue that their essay explores. To be impactful, your hook could be based on the following:

  1. A question that generates response or interest of readers
  2. Quotations usually work well
  3. Intriguing facts or statistics can also serve as effective hooks. 

Thesis Statement

The thesis statement is where you present the main argument that you defend in your persuasive essay. The statement should be succinct yet sufficiently detailed to enable your readers to understand the essence and significance of the essay. 

Target-Specific Language and Techniques 

As you write the introductory paragraph, remember to employ language that resonates with and reflects the type of audience that you are addressing. If you are unsure, use simple language that is devoid of needless jargon. More importantly, stay clear of flowery language and focus on communicating your point in as clear and simple a fashion as possible. To ensure that the language you use is appropriate, consider the following:

  1. The demographic profile of your audience
  2. The setting in which your persuasive essay will be consumed
  3. The goals that you wish to accomplish through your essay, and
  4. The educational level as well as language proficiency of your audience. 

Persuasive Essay Body Paragraphs

The introduction is followed by body paragraphs. The exact number of these paragraphs depends on such issues as the complexity and expanse of the topic under discussion. Some of the elements and details that are typically found in body paragraphs are addressed below.


Facts help you to substantiate your arguments. Therefore, as you write your persuasive essay, be sure to provide as many facts as reasonably expected. Ensure that all the facts that you offer are relevant and help to build your essay. 


Statistics also form part of the body paragraphs. As is the case with the facts, the purpose of the statistics is to lend support to your arguments. It is advised that you select statistics from reputable sources. For example, research reports and government websites serve as among the most reliable sources of statistics. 


Quotes further help to build and enhance your persuasive essay outline. However, only resort to quotes when you are unable to paraphrase a point without compromising the message that you wish to convey. Additionally, consult the instructions for your paper regarding the policy on quotes. There are some instructors who prohibit the inclusion of quotes in persuasive essays. 


Examples also play an essential role in building your body paragraphs. Basically, the examples should be used to illustrate your points. Audiences are better positioned to understand your points when you supply examples. For instance, when arguing that the war on drugs has been a failure, as an example, you could state that due to this war, the US is currently grappling with a mass incarceration and prison overcrowding problem. 

Persuasive Essay Conclusion 

The conclusion is the final component of your persuasive essay. In the conclusion, you are expected to reiterate the main argument and provide a brief overview of the contents of the essay. One of the main mistakes that students make while writing the essay is introducing new material in the conclusion. To avoid this mistake, remember that the conclusion should only cover what is already contained in the essay. You can wrap up by issuing a call to action or highlighting why your essay matters.

In closing, persuasive essays remain one of the most important forms of writing. Apart from helping students to explore interesting topics, these essays also help the students to sharpen their skills. To achieve the best outcomes, students are encouraged to adopt the outline provided in this guide. 

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