What is a Persuasive Essay?

Persuasive essay writing aims to persuade readers into accepting an opinion or suggestion and to do so in a persuasive manner. Most written texts including editorials, critical reviews, response papers, proposals, advertising, and brochures employ various means of persuasion to influence readers into accepting their views. Persuasive essay writing is a form of persuasive communication, which usually involves the use of personal experiences to support a viewpoint. Although, most writers use this form of essay to argue their point of view; it can also be used to argue against viewpoints. The goal of persuasive essay writing is to persuade the reader that the arguments put forth within the essay are sound and should not be rejected.

A persuasive essay begins with an introduction; usually the first paragraph of the composition will contain an introduction introducing the author and the purpose of the composition. The introduction is important to attract the audience because it prepares the audience for the main body of the argument. Subsequent paragraphs will contain the various arguments presented within the thesis statement, these arguments support one main argument but should be accompanied by reasonable explanations as to why these arguments are reasonable. Supporting arguments are important to avoid the audience coming to the conclusion that the writer is arguing against his or her own position. A reasonable explanation as to why the arguments put forth within the thesis statement are reasonable and would normally be accepted by the audience.

The main body of the persuasive essay consists of paragraphs that further discuss the thesis statement, provide evidence to support this claim and offer an answer to the question raised in the title of this article. The paragraphs should be very descriptive and should not try to make them sound like a review. Reviewing something is usually not considered a good reason to argue against another’s position. In this case, simply discuss the salient features of the topic under discussion.

The style of the persuasive essay is similar to the style of an argumentative essay. The author must carefully explain the topic and how reasonable people might arrive at different conclusions based on that topic. The author is encouraged to choose the correct terminology, proper grammar and sentence structure while maintaining a professional tone. Once the audience is convinced that the arguments presented within the essay are reasonable for the audience, the author turns his or her attention to the effective use of his or her argumentative statements in relation to the evidence gathered and presented within the essay. The author’s final paragraph contains his or her conclusion, which is most often a plea for the reader to continue on with his or her studies of a specific area of interest.

The key difference between a persuasive essay and an argumentative essay is that in the former, the focus is on the persuasive aspects of the arguments while in the latter the emphasis is on the persuasive aspects only. Most of the time, both kinds of essays are written about some particular issue. However, a persuasive essay usually deals with the problem of evil, while an argumentative essay generally deals with a social issue. There are many common arguments that form the basis of both kinds of essays but the content of the argumentation vary greatly.

The goal of any persuasive essay is to persuade the audience that your arguments are the correct ones. There are many ways to persuade an audience, from using simple reasoning to using emotional triggers and appeals to emotions. Persuasive essay examples deal primarily with appeals to emotions. One common way to persuade with an argumentative essay is to show the audience a flaw in their logic or a flaw in their thinking. Using these techniques will get your arguments through to the readers.