How to Write an Excellent Profile Essay on a Person

A profile essay on a person can be fun to write because almost any topic can be explored in it. The main point of writing a profile essay on a person, however, is the distribution of the scores. That means, almost any criteria can be used to get the scores.

There are many different ways to distribute the scores. Many use high school exit exam results and other publicly available categories as the basis for their distributions. Some also use high school performance in combination with other criteria, like an honors degree. However, the best way to distribute scores is simply to use one of the several profile essay examples on the internet. These online essays are written to share individual students’ strengths and weaknesses and allow them to stand out from the crowd.

Online essay writers must follow certain guidelines when adapting these examples. First, they must keep the topic and thesis statement simple and clear. This allows for easy discussion of the essay. Likewise, the tone must be clear and restrained without being overbearing. Professors are trained to be dispassionate, so profile essays on people must be no different.

Professors often instruct their online essay writing services to leave out certain topics and turn instead to personal stories or true experiences. This strategy allows the professor to avoid controversy, which inevitably arises with controversial topics. The same strategy could be adapted for distributing scores, keeping the tone of the essay light-hearted and avoiding arguments about specific individuals.

Professors understand that personal essays often require the student to voice his or her opinions, often more than in their profile essays. That’s why these online essays are so great. By leaving out certain topics altogether, the professor can effectively control the message of the personal profile essay. Professors also usually instruct their online essay writing services not to include derogatory information about a candidate in the “about” section.

Writing an excellent profile essay on a person will require diligence and careful research. It requires an awareness of how to use personal history and current events to paint a positive picture of a candidate. It also requires following the rules of the literary community (which have changed a lot in recent years) regarding how to write an essay. Professors are well aware of that. So, if you’re asked to research a candidate, it’s probably best to do so using personal essays instead of rehashing old political attacks.