Where to find Essay Outline Examples?

An essay outline helps to define the structure and scope of the document. This is the first step when you want to learn how to write the essay. It serves as the skeleton or the framework on which the full document can be written. The structure is used for all types of documents such as term papers, dissertation, thesis, research papers and so on. It can be used for different topics related to science, philosophy, technology, management, marketing and so on. Papers on all these topics will have an introduction, the body, conclusion and a separate page of references. Get more tips on how to make a good law school essay, where to find essay outline online and how to choose term paper topics.

The framework should address the problem statement, given by the tutor. Consider statements such as ‘are online interactive computer games harmful for children’. The introduction should begin by giving the statement and you need to state if you agree or disagree with it. The second paragraphs should show the kind of data that you would be giving to support your views. Depending on the length of the work and the maximum words allowed, you could list a few points. The subsequent paragraphs should explain each point in detail, all supported by research and reading. You could say ‘a recent report by the child behavior monitoring groups shows that aggressive behavior among children who play violent games for more than 5 hours dail, has increased by 40%’. Always remember to quote the sources from which these figures were obtained.

There are a number of sources available for reading and research such as books, Journals and online archives. Use citation styles such as APA, MLA or Harvard for the referencing; else the college paper will be called as plagiarized. If the number of pages is more, then you need to have different headings and sub headings and conduct research for each. Once all the headings and the data is in place, the college paper structure is ready and can be submitted to the tutor for approval. A proper framework will be viewed favorably as the tutor knows how the completed document will look like. You can now begin to write the complete assignment, explore and analyze the data, write transition sentences and fill in all the gaps. The structure keeps the paper focused and will not allow you to deviate in other directions.

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